Beyhadh 10th October 2017 Written Update Episode 260

Read Online Beyhadh 10th October 2017 Written Update Episode 260


Read Online Beyhadh 10th October 2017 Written Update Episode 260

.Beyhadh 10 october 2017 Episode Written. बेहद Beyhadh Episode 260, Beyhadh 10-10-2017 Written Update today. New episodes of Beyhadh air Monday to Friday. Beyhadh Written updates.

Arjun helps a biker who falls down and is surprised to see it is surrogate woman Mridula. Saanjh thinks where did Arjun go. Nurse comes out of OT. Saanjh asks if procedure is going well without any issue. Nurse says yes and walks in again. Arjun holds Mridula and says she has to be in OT. Someone interferes and Arjun slaps him. Mridula asks to go and check himself. Arjun walks to OT and knocks door. Saanjh asks what is he doing. Doc comes out and asks if procedure is done. Doc says it is finished just now. He asks then what is surrogate doing outside. Doc says he is mistaken and can himself walk in and check. Arjun with Saanjh walks into OT and is shocked to see Maya on bed as surrogate. Saanjh shatters and says Maya. Maya opens eyes and smiles holding her tummy.

Arjun goes to doctor
and asks how dare she is.. Docror asks what goondagiri is thinks. Saanjh walks in and asks Arjun to leave doc. Ajrun says doc showed other surrogate and exchanged her with Maya. Doctor says she did not betray, they both selected this girl and shows papers. Arjun is shocked to see Maya’s photo on form and says other woman’s photo was fixed here. Doctor says this photo was already fixed here. Doc says he checked form 1000 times and then signed it. Arjun says she betrayed them. Doctor says she did her duty and now it is his duty, they selected this lady and till baby is born, they have to take care of this lady and her child. Saanjh walks out crying followed by Arjun.


Arjun and Saanjh walk into OT and search Maya. They hear baby’s laugh and find a tab under bed with Maya and Arjun’s photo and baby. Saanjh asks what is all this Arjun. Maya comes and says everything is Maya/magic. She asks Saanjheshwari devi how is she, they met after a long time. She says this app is very good, it shows baby’s pic with parents pics. She asks Saanjh if baby is looking like Arjun. Arjun holds Maya’s neck and shouts he will kill her. She says he can and even his would be child. Saanjh stops Arjun.

Maya says she lost her baby because of them, even then she is giving her blood to their baby, even then people say she does not have heart. Actually credit goes to her needle, she means Arohi, after she left them, they needed a child for happiness. Unfortunately, Saanjh cannot become mother and she used her weakness in her favor, now she is a thorn in Arjun’s throat that he can neither swallow or throw out. Life is weird it does not let win or lose. Arjun angrily tries to hit her and says he will send her to jail. She laughs and says he does not understand what to say, he can send her to jail, then his child will be born in jail, he has to either take her home or send her to jail or even kill her and take care of her and see his happiness growing in her.


Precap: Saanjh says Arjun he has to fight with his hatred as this child is her love and he has to bring Maya home. Arjun says he will not take Maya home at any cost.

Beyhad story revolves around the three main characters of Maya Mehrotra (Jennifer Winget), Arjun Sharma (Kushal Tandon), and Saanjh Mathur (Aneri Vajani)

Maya Mehrotra is the owner of ‘Fashion and the City’ magazine, young beautiful and an achiever woman but bossy, eccentric in behavior, has troubled childhood with her abusive father Ashwin Mehrotra (Rajesh Khattar). However, Maya remains close to her mother Jhanvi Mehrotra (Kavita Ghai) who stays with her. Arjun Sharma is cheerful, handsome budding photographer who works for Maya. His best friend since childhood is Saanjh Mathur, a Lawyer. She loves Arjun but hesitates to express her feelings while Arjun considers her as best buddy. Arjun doesn’t get along well with his stepmother Vandana Sharma (Swati Shah) but loves his half-brother, Ayaan Sharma (Sumit Bhardwaj). Thus, Ayaan, Arjun, and Saanjh remain close friends.

Beyhadh 9th October 2017 Written Update


  • Jennifer Winget as Maya Mehrotra/ Maya Arjun Sharma(Arjun’s ex-wife/Main lead)
  • Kushal Tandon as Arjun Sharma(Main Male Protagonist)
  • Aneri Vajani as Saanjh Arjun Sharma/ ( nee Mathur ) (Arjun’s best friend and his second wife/Second Female Lead
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