Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2017 Written Update Episode 673

Read Online Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2017 Written Update Episode 673


Read Online Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2017 Written Update Episode 673

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26 september 2017 episode written, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26-09-2017 today episode 673 update written.Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates Read Online.

Saxena jumps off,all shocked,he gets up and says I like it. Saxena at Tiwari house,says thank you to everyone,Vibhu has stop it and tell me what we need to do,Saxena says just be mad,Tiwari asks what type,Saxena says you two men need not act as you are,Tiwari and Vibhu slap him,Saxena says the tough part is bhabhi ma,you need to act as soffesticated mads,

like they are mad at heart,are intelligent,they don’t misbehave,Anguri says then how are they mad,Saxena says they behave like mads but under control,Anita asks but what we need to do,Saxena says you two be elder brother,Vibhu says excuse me,Saxena says I have no bad if you be my younger brother,then I will have to misbehave with you,Vibhu says we agree to be elder brother,Saxena say sand you two my bhabhiji ma.


Anguri asks and what will we do,Saxena says Anguri bhabhiji act as innocent baby and Anita bhabhiji act as his husband and he as your wife. On news channel,masterji watching it,breaking news is some mad from Agra mental hospital ran away, they look normal but aren’t beware. All waiting for mad family at Mishra house,Tiwari and Vibhu argue over calling bhabhiji mad,Vibhu says bhabhiji just show us how will you act,

Tilu and Happu walk in,Tilu walks as a lady, Saxena mother,Vibhu says no one should do over,specially Happu and malkhan,Saxena comes and asks all ok,Tiwari says where are they,Saxena says they found live wires on way so are a little late,tikka shows how will he act as dog,Saxena says good and malkhan you are bad servant so misbehave a lot,go in now,and Tilu you are my mom and a mad mother and so all set,good luck.


Malkhan says tikka you looking a real dog,tikka bites his ass,mad family walks in.father asks where should I park my car,Saxena says reverse,and he acts as driving car,Saxena says right here careful,tikka starts barking,Vibhu says sheru calm down,father says cute dog looks like human,Saxena says let me introduce all anokhi,her father sankat,mother ghuinya.

Happu acts as a beggar and Sankat slaps him,Tilu says I’m mother let’s go to bedroom,Anita asks so what do you do,sankat says I scratch,and then asks what do you do,Vibhu says bang,Tiwari on call says hello Mr trump it was fun to play poker,Anita says bhaiya goes play poker to America every night,ghuinya says sankat goes on moon for breakfast,Sheru barks,Vibhu says stay,masterji watches them all and is in surprise.

Anita says I go to sun to have ice cream,anokhi says don’t you feel hot,Anita says I carry water with me,Saxena says let’s talk about the important think,Vibhu says so they like each other,ghuniya says she is so mad for him wakes up tearing pillows,Happu says so is anokhe,Tilu says he is dying on her,and will you come with me in bedroom,

Tiwari says if we are ok then let me book White House,sankat says how about other venue,Anita says how about moon,Vibhu says how about mercury my friend stays there,sankat says I’m ok with it,Happu says let’s go for shagun,sankat slaps him,and says this is Shagun from us,Happu slaps him back,and says form us,Sankat slaps Vibhu,Vibhu slaps back,Anita says my Shagun give it to my wife,Sankat slaps Vibhu again,Vibhu slaps back.

Sankat slaps Tiwari,Tiwari slaps him back,ghuniya says let anokhe and anokhi do it,Vibhu says what here,she says yes,and anokhi slaps anokhe,he takes her sandal and hits himself,she blushes,Anguri keeps narrating poem with wrong pronunciations,Anita says let’s have some snacks my wife cooks very well,ghuniya asks what’s for snacks,Vibhu says Hawaii dishes,Tiwari calls malkhan,and he walks insulting too,mastering says I think these are the people who ran.

Pre cap : Tilu says actually I have a habit to bite happus cheek when I’m asleep,sankat says no issues today sleep with me and Bite my cheeks.

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