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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode 669

Read Online Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode 669


Read Online Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2017 Written Update Episode 669

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20 september 2017 episode written, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20-09-2017 today episode 669 update written.Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates Read Online.

Anguri says what is this,why is this joke,pralay says it’s a truth and not a joke,Anita says what’s wrong with you,Saxena actually he was my mate in mental hospital and Reported he gets shocks when he sees red colour and Anita bhabhi ma and Tiwari bhaiya wore red,vibhu says couldn’t you warn us,Saxena says you didn’t let me I tried a lot,Vibhu says look pralay,

Tiwari is a good man leave him,pralay says come with me,and Saxena you are the only good person here keep an eye on them and take a note all should only speak in poetic form,Anita says good Vibhu what is this,Vibhu says he is a psycho,Happu says god my promotion,pralay takes him to bedroom,


Tiwari says you hate Vibhu why do this to me,Anita says pralay come out tell me what you want,Pralay takes Tiwari on stairs,Vibhu says pralay what behaviour is this,pralay says Anita I love you,since college days and will keep loving you,uncle says but she is married,pralay says I don’t care now only I shall be her husband and if she doesn’t I shall kill him,Tiwari says save me,Pralay takes him in.

Vibhu says Anita this is all because of you,Anita says how come me,Vibhu says he loves you,uncle says enough you two think of Tiwari,Anguri says yes I cant live without him,Vibhu says let him die but I won’t let you,Anguri says he is my life I cant live without him,


Anita says Vibhu you have lost it,you are scared of pralay,Vibhu says I’m scared of no one,uncle says Vibhu go do something,Vibhu says I shall not spare this pralay,Happu says think of my promotion and take action in sense,uncle says you are a cop and look at you,Happu says don’t worry I shall go and talk to him silently.

Pralay ties Tiwari,Tiwari says leave me I’m missing my Anguri,Pralay says I love Anita,Happu knocks the door,and gets in,and says I beg of you,Tiwari says do something save me,pralay says get lost our else I will,Happu says no no please listen to me,I have an request,pralay asks what is it,Happu says for two days just two days don’t do any nuisance my promotion is endangered,pralay says get lost.
Tiwari says Happu Singh remove your gun do something,Happu says I care about my promotion I won’t do anything,pralay says get out,Happu says ok and leaves.

Anguri crying downstairs,Happu walks to them,Vibhu asks what happened,Happu says he is still under his kidnap,Saxena says it’s not happus cup of tea,malkhan says I think we should call commissioner ,Happu says I beg of you don’t,Anita says why shouldn’t we,commissioner walks in and says I heard there’s a poetic eve here so I thought let me join too,Vibhu about to tell him the situation,Happu interrupts and says my promotion please don’t,Vibhu says disgusting,Happu requests commissioner to come out.

Next morning Tiwari tied to bed and asleep,he wakes up and sees pralay beside him,and says I had shirt on me last night but now it’s not,pralay says I’m sorry,and winks at Tiwari,Tiwari says no and starts crying,pralay says nights gone forget it now,Tiwari says please let me go I need to go washroom,and need tea too,pralay says come let’s go downstairs then.

Anguri wakes up from nightmare and says no don’t hit him,and wakes up,Anita asks what’s wrong,Anguri says nightmare,I saw pralay hitting Tiwari with hunter,
Saxena says start talking in poetic notes or Tiwari bhaiya,Tiwari and pralay walk down, Vibhu says stupid man,pralay says Anita I love you,Anita says get lost,

if you say that again I shall break your head,pralay says you have already broken my heart and if you don’t say yes,I shall commit suicide and jump in river with this Tiwari,Vibhu has we don’t care take him away,Tiwari says you die why shall I,Happu says calm down calm down don’t fight,uncle says what don’t fight,what else can we do with this mad.

Tiwari says shut up you all,I need a cup of tea,pralay says first this Vibhu shall be slapped 5 times by Anita or I shall kill Tiwari,Anguri says please do it anitaji,Vibhu says baby you will slap me,Anita says I have to and slaps him 5 times.

Pre cap : Anita says first amajji and uncle will keep him busy with their talks and in mean time Vibhu and Happu will help Tiwari out from balcony.
Pralay pushes vibhus ladder from balcony.

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