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Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name, Final Winner Name 2017


Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name, Final Winner Name 2017. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Winner Name, Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2017.

season 1 reality show was aired on Star MAA with a huge buzz from July 16, 2017.Stats and news sources said that audience are completely disappointed with the selection of the season 1 contestants but somehow some are satisfactory by saying Celebs won’t have that many adjustable days for 70 days. To be frank, Star MAA tried their best by contacting more than 100 contestants and finalized 14 of them.

However, The Buzz created with the welcome episode has been lowered in the first week due to expectations on contestants.Even though, NTR Rocked during weekends with his all-round show and made it as the reality show with Top TRP(I times wrote that star MAA had a TRP of 16.8 and stood at the first place)


Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

Each week, one of the contestants are going to be eliminated from the show on the basis of the performance during the last week which will be decided by the votes sent by the viewers.

For the last week of bigg boss telugu 5 contestants has been nominated for Final title battle. Archana, Adarsh, Shiva Balaji, Navdeep and Hari Teja went for public vote. Some of the most notable names that ar the a part of Bigg Boss Telugu include Shiva Balaji, Navadeep, Hariteja, Adarsh.


If we see the history of the Bigg Boss show, it is quite evident that the winners were the ones who were not only actively involved in various tasks, however they additionally won the hearts of their fellow housemates as well as the audiences out there.

Predicted list Bigg Boss Telugu Winner :

As per users:
1. Hari Teja80th chances Hari Teja win the Telugu version of bigg boss.
2. Adarsh90th chances Aadarsh balakrishna win the show.
3. Navadeep 85th chances Navadeep win the Telugu version of bigg boss.
4. Shiva Balaji90th chances Balaji win the Telugu version of bigg boss.
5. Archana60th chances Archana win the Telugu version of bigg boss.

Comment below and we will give more percentage to your favorite contestants.

We can continue providing you with various updates regarding the show as it will progress. Bigg Boss Telugu winner section will also be updated for you right here as soon as the winner will be declared.

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44 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name, Final Winner Name 2017”

  1. Hari teja. She is perfect because she is moulding herself with rectifying herself,. Entertainment giving to people audience,. She is doing work in anytime mostly

  2. Navdeep is the deserve to win the Big boss i kindly request you all to vote the Navdeep . After he enter in to bigg boss big boss show became more familiar.. nice attitude good human being..Request you to vote all to bigg boss

  3. I hope hariteja is bigboss title winner.She is very good entertainer in bigboss house,one of the best contestant in the bigboss house.

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