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Chandra Nandini 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 288

Read Online Chandra Nandini 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 288


Read Online Chandra Nandini 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 288

Chandra Nandini 14-11-2017 Episode Written , Star Plus Serial Chandra Nandni 14 November 2017 Written Episode, Chandra Nandini 14th November 2017 Episode 288. Chandra Nandini Written Updates

The show will cover the love and hates effects of Chandragupta Maurya’s life. Chandragupta Maurya will fall in love with Nandini despite of being married and his love story will be tainted with hardships and adversities. The first scene of the show starts with Bharatmata introducing the show Chandra Nandini as the tale of Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini, his wife as well as the daughter of his greatest enemy.
After 14 years leap, Padmananda has become a very oppressive ruler, exploiting his praja (subjects) for more and more taxes. His only weakness is his daughter Nandini whom he loves more than his life. It is also due to Nandini that Nanda has spared the life of Avantika, whom he has now no interest in. Moora is still held captive by Nanda.
After some years, Chanakya sends Chandra to Greek to know about their war skills. From there he went to Parvatak, where he knows about the betrayal done by Malaykethu to Helena, daughter of Selecus Nicatus. With the help of Helena, Chandra learns Greek war skills. Then he escapes from them. He fought against Padmananda but failed. Then he attacked the Greeks left over in India after the death of Alexander. As a result of this, He marries Helena. Then he tried to attack Padmanand but failed. Then he tries again but fails again, then they gather a bigger army and Acharya Chanakya orders him to marry Durdhara, his childhood friend as her father is a rich merchant and can provide money for the well being of the army. After that he attacks again, this time in the end of the first day Chandra was about to kill Padmananda but failed to, as the day got over, the end of the next day Malaykethu who is supposed to be the fiancé of Nandini by deceit comes and stabs Chandra on his back but he survives the next day the army of Nanda becomes weak so he decides to run away from the field in a secret house behind a mountain, soon Malaykethu gets trapped by Helena and Chandra and tells them nanda’s hiding place, Chandra then goes towards that place and Malaykethu puts sand in helena’s eyes and runs away, then he finds nand, he is just about to kill him that Nandini appears there with her sword and tries to protect her father but fails to and then the soldiers get Nand’s 8 sons (other than one who is mentally challenged) and Chandra kills them there in front of Nandini and Nand, Acharya decides to leave nand and nandini and they move on to a secret place where Nand has all of his wealth but then it is revealed that all this time Acharya was following them and then there Chandra kills Nand, then Nandini goes to the palace and tells all the mothers and her sister in-laws what happened. Moora is also freed and Chandra is now coronated as the king of Magadha.


  • Rajat Tokas as Emperor Chandragupta Maurya I, Emperor of Magadha.
  • Shweta Basu Prasad as Queen Nandini,
  • Mahapadma Nanda’s daughter,
  • Chandragupta Maurya’s third wife,
  • Ex-Empress of Magadha / Roopa,
  • Nandini’s twin-sister (deceased) / Leap Look Prabha / Savitri
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