Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 17

Read Online Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 17


Read Online Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 17

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 14-11-2017 Episode Written , Star Plus Serial Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 07 November 2017 Written Episode, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 14 Nov 2017 Episode 17. Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Written Updates

The Episode starts with Ahana coming to Anant. She asks him to make her wear the ring again, she doesn’t want to hide it, did he change his decision. He says no. She says I stopped taking mum’s permissions long ago, its my personal decision, I will decide for my marriage, your family’s consent is imp than mom’s yes. He says no, your mom’s approval is also imp, I love you a lot, till she gives your hand to me, I will wait. She says I don’t like so much maturity and sensibility. He says you have to tolerate this. She says I will, we will get engaged. He says I m thinking what to tell family about Laila. She asks him to say truth. He makes her wear the ring.

Laila recalls Anant’s words. She gets angry. She gets a call. The man says I have to talk something urgent, I will come to meet you. She asks him to come to the club. Rehaan meets Roma in hospital and asks are you fine. She says yes, it was an accident. The man says she is fine, my dad’s leg broke, she has hit him with a costly car. Rehaan says no, come on, Roma I told you…. The man asks for 10 lakhs compensation. She says its just knee injury. The man insists. Rehaan says I m stuck by your mistake, what will I tell Anant now, you got just my uncle’s car to hit.


Tarun says I went for interview, they didn’t wish to spoil terms with dad and refused to give me the job. Rekha asks him to ask money from Laila. He says Saloni can know. Gupta comes and says you have to return my money. Tarun says I will return it. Gupta asks what will you do, you can never return it. They argue. Rekha says forget it, Laila kept Tarun in her house. Gupta says she can keep him all life, I just want my money, that’s final.

Ahana comes home. Laila looks on. Saloni asks where were you. Ahana says with Anant, he never wanted to marry mom, she was mistaken, I wanted mom to realize how it feels to get rejected in love. Saloni asks are you mad, what does husband and wife’s relation mean without love. Ahana argues. Saloni says relations based on hatred are never right. Ahana says Anant and I have friendship and respect, its more than love. Saloni says you will regret for this. Ahana says I won’t, Anant is very nice, trust me, you know I don’t get sleep at night, now I m sleeping peacefully, he made my life calm.


Yamini writes a letter that she loves Anant and can’t live with them now, as she has see love in his eyes for Ahana, it will be a lie if she says she is happy for him, she has no courage to see him with someone else, he will get his love, Roshni and Aarav will get their new mum, she is not needed here. She cries. Roshni and Aarav come. Roshni asks why are you crying. Yamini says I have eye allergy. Roshni takes Aarav. Yamini sees their childhood pic. She recalls Shweta asking her to look after her kids. Yamini promises her. Shweta says you are their mum from now on, love them so much that they forget me. FB ends. Yamini tears the letter.

Karan jokes on Kavita. She asks for his phone. She says don’t know how is Anant. He says yes. She says you would be happy with Roshni’s happiness. She calls someone. She sees her friend. She lies to Karan and goes out. Karan sees Kavita with her friend. Kavita says if my family knows I was with you, they will break my bones. She sends her. Roshni and Aarav play hide and seek. Roshni goes to Anant’s workshop. She gets shocked seeing Ahana’s carving, while her carving is kept in the drawer. She recalls Anant’s promise.

Anant asks Karan to take care of kids. Roshni says I will manage Aarav, Ahana will take care of you. Anant tells Yamini that Laila didn’t approve the relation, Ahana wants to marry me, but I won’t marry till Laila agrees.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara is yet adaptation of Turkish drama Ask -I-Memmu which means forbidden love. The story will focus on quirky love triangle of a middle aged man that is Sanjay Kapoor, though having grown up children falls in love for a smart younger girl and the girl’s mother too falls in love with Sanjay Kapoor.
Smriti Kalra and Nikki Aneja Walia will be seen as the female lead. Smriti Kalra was last seen in Suvreen Guggal and 14/24 Karol Baagh while Sanjay Kapoor was last seen in Bollywood movie Shandaar.
As per the latest promo, it’s seen that Nikki notifies Aahana that she made a big mistake on marrying Sanjay. Aahana questions back about the problem as her husband is rich, caring and belongs to reputed family. Nikki questions back if she is happy with the marriage which silences Nikki. Is love crime?
It’s a bold show about a middle-aged man getting married to a young girl while having a relationship with his wife’s mother.

Star Cast

⦁ Smriti Kalra
⦁ Sanjay Kapoor
⦁ Nikki Aneja Walia as Aahana
⦁ Indraneel Bhattacharya
⦁ Aashim Gulati
⦁ Cheshta Bhagat
⦁ Puneet Sharma
⦁ Roma Bali

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