Haasil 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 1422

Read Online Haasil 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 1422


Read Online Haasil 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 1422

Haasil 14-11-2017 Written Updates, Haasil Episode 1422 Haasil 14 November 2017 Episode Written, Haasil Written Updates.

Haasil 14th November 2017 Written Update

Ranvir walks towards water in beach. Aanchal walks to him and asks if he wants to swim or suicide. Ranvir says it is passion. Aanchal says let us play then and throws water on him. Kabir interferes. Aanchal says Ranvir that his brother is too much. Kabir walks with Aanchal singing Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon Kiss Kiss Ko Pyar Karoon. Aanchal asks him to stop. Kabir tells Ranvir how he shut up Aanchal. Ranvir asks what is happening. Kabir says he is Aanchal’s friend now and tells him scuba diving story and saving Aanchal and then she proposing a friendship and him accepting it. Ranvir asks that is why he was in changing room. Kabir says so what.. Ranvir happily hugs and kisses him. Kabir shouts bade bade….


Ranvir walks on beach singing serial’s title song reminiscing Aanchal and his first meeting, their fight, friendship, etc. Aanchal jogs on beach reminiscing same and then friendship, Kabir’s hatred and then saving her and friendship, etc. Ranvir then enjoys juice in swimming pool. Kabir enters. Ranvir says he cannot enter pool without a bath. Kabir says who bathes before entering pool. Ranvir says grow up yaar, they are not kids now. Ranvir says they still are kids and reminds that he promised he will share everything, even girlfriend. Ranvir says not everything. Kabir tries to drink his juice, Ranvir stops him. Kabir says he is not sharing apple juice with his brother, they should spend more time now. Ranvir smiles and swims.

Aanchal speaks to her mother and tells she wrongly judged Kabir and Ranvir. Mom says she is judging wrong now and asks if she is fine. Aanchal says how Kabir saved her and stops just before their kiss. Mom asks what happened next. Aanchal says they befriended, Ranvir is straight forward and Kabir is complex but not bad. Mom thinks something is fishy. Aanchal disconnects call. Aman sees mom drawing and asks what is she thinking. Mom tells about Raichands and says something is fishy. Aman says whole curry is fishy.


Kabir chats with his female friend . Ranvir walks in and shows him 3 tickets, says they both and Aanchal are going. Kabir excitedly says rock concert. Ranvir says they are going to opera. Kabir tears his ticket and says Ranvir and Aanchal can go and runs from there. Ranvir thanks Isabelle and reminisces her suggesting to spend time with Aanchal more. Ranvir asks Kabir is always with him 24 hours. Isabelle suggests him to take her to opera which Kabir hates. Ranvir likes her idea.

Ranvir and Aanchal get ready for opera. Ranvir gifts her diamond bracelet. Kabir comes and takes bracelet and says he is wrong, Aanchal will not accept this. Aanchal tries to speak. Kabir reminds hier of kiss. Ranvir apologizes Aanchal. Kabir gifts her flower bracelet and says Aanchal likes this kind of gift. Aanchal forcefully accepts it. Ranvir leaves with her. Kabir calls his aide and orders not to close Aacnhal’s legal case at any cost. Ranvir takes Aanchal somewhere else. Aanchal apologizes him for accepting Kabir’s gift. Ranvir says it is okay, it is his mistake. She asks if opera is here. He says he wanted hear his friend’s voice and not other’s voice. She smiles.

Kabir enjoys video game. Sarika calls him and asks where is Ranvir, he did not even call her since he went to Maritius. Kabir says Ranvir should find time. Sarika says like his is finding time to speak to his mother. Kabir says he is planning something big and asks her to relax, thinks he will destroy anchal completely.

Precap: Kabir’s men forces Aman to sign papers. Kabir angrily throws dart on Aanchal’s pic and shouts he hates her. Aanchal walks in.

Haasil is an upcoming thriller romantic drama series on Sony TV produced by Siddhartha P Malhotra under the banner of Alchemy Productions. Actor Zayed Khan will make his television debut with this show. Wikipedia
First episode date: October 30, 2017
Network: Sony Entertainment Television
Production location: Mumbai
Language: Hindi
Genres: Romance Film, Thriller


Zayed Khan as Ranvir Raichand
Vatsal Sheth as Kabir Raichand
Nikita Dutta as Aanchal Srivastava
Sheeba Akashdeep as Kavita Raichand (Ranvir’s & Kabir’s mother)
Genre Romantic Thriller
Written by Samir ArroraShashank Shekhar
Starring See below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
Location(s) Mumbai, India
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 23 minutes
Production company(s) Alchemy Productons
Distributor Sony Pictures Networks
Original network Sony TV
Original release 10 November 2017

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