Haasil 17th November 2017 Written Update Episode 1725

Read Online Haasil 17th November 2017 Written Update Episode 1725


Read Online Haasil 17th November 2017 Written Update Episode 1725

Haasil 17-11-2017 Written Updates, Haasil Episode 1725 Haasil 17 November 2017 Episode Written, Haasil Written Updates.
Haasil 17th November 2017 Written Update

Aanchal speaks to her mom and talks about Ranvir and Kabir. She says Ranvir is returning home, so she will call her later. Ranvir tells he wants her to be his friend and not employee, asks him to call his name. She calls his name. Ranvir asks if she will be able to handle Kabir. She says yes. Ranvir leaves.
Aanchal then meets Kabir. Their nok jhok starts. He asks her to accompany him somewhere. She denies. He reminds her about their kiss. She agrees. They go for shopping. Aanchal says she cannot believe Raichand family’s heir is shopping in local market. Kabir says he cannot believe an employee is shopping with boss. They shop and enjoy. Kudi Patang Si Ladgayi…song.. plays in the background. Aanchal’s mom calls her and asks to bring kadai from Mauritius. Aanchal says what,

 how will she bring kadai. Kabir takes phone and says he will bring kadai and even pressure cooker.. Aanchal takes call and disconnects and scolds Kabir. Kabir says what would he present aunty then, whatever she asked. He thinks she is trapped now. Mom is in a shock hearing Aanchal with Kabir. Aman returns home and tells about Kabir helping him in his admission. Mom says something is really wrong, Kabir is more bitter than they think.


Kabir and Aanchal then go to a restaurant. Aanchal sees goons troubling young couple and interferes. She drops food on goon and asks if he liked it. He says he liked Italian and now it’s time to taste Indian. Goons hold her and misbehave. Aanchal calls Kabir for help. Kabir jokes and says goon they can continue their act. He throws knife at Aanchal. Aanchal stabs goon, but it is a spring knife. They all laugh. Goon pulls knife and is about to stab Aanchal when Kabir interferes and beats goons. He punches the one who tried to stab Aanchal repeatedly. Goons run away. Aanchal thanks him. He says he is surprised to hear thank you from her.
Kabir with Aanchal then travels in his private plane. Kabir enjoys liquor singing Mera Kuch Saaman Tumhare Paas Hai…Aacnhal enters and asks if she disturbed him. He says she is since he met her. She tries to stop him and says it is free does not mean he can finish whole bottle, he cannot misuse his brother’s money. He gets emotional and says he hates bade as mom loves him a lot and papa considers him always big, but I am always considered small and never let grow up. Plane shakes. Aanchal slips. Kabir pulls her on his lap and says he feels himself with her and he is always thankful to her friendship, she is very support. He falls asleep. She leaves saying he is a kid. He opens eyes and playing with spinner says he is a big kid.
Precap: Kabir tells Sarika what happens next is important and she will love her son more after that. Aanchal asks Aman not to act as fool. Aman says she is acting fool and warns him against Kabir.
Update Credit to: MA
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Yvonne Codner 17th Nov 2017 – 8:43 am

I do hate to see Anchaal with Kabir because he is just playing her. I guess that is how the story is written to keep us interested. Why did she stay back with Kabir, instead of going back with Ranvir whom she came with? I really do not understand. Kabir gets her into these situations, then pretends to rescue her, if she steps out of line, he reminds her of the kiss, for which I do not know why she is keeping it a secret especially from Ranvir whom she should have some trust in as was discussed between both of them. In my opinion, she is trusting Kabir more. Maybe she thinks he is more exciting. I do not trust him. Plus he hates his brother whom he knows is interested in Anchaal, so he is after her. I am disappointed in Anchaal. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Vin 17th Nov 2017 – 10:03 am

Me too,not watching regualrly,still,not liking Kabir and Aanchal but she should know Ranvir’s worth,no?She definitely will fall in love with Kabir,Ranvir’s heart break,Kabir will leave her,Ranvir will marry her,their love hate track,wish it happened that way,Ranvir and Aanchal look good together,good chemistry also,then,this kiss part ,they are making mouth to mouth respiration a fuss here,Kabir’s intention was bad but like you said,she should tell Ranvir,what is a big deal there,hope story gains some pace,Ranchal is the best.

Yvonne Codner 17th Nov 2017 – 10:38 pm

Yes, Vin, we are on the same wavelength. Maybe I am being prejudiced against Kabir or is it because we are hearing his dirty thoughts, or I am again judging him from Ek Hasina Thi…I just don’t like his avatar. I noticed from the preview that Ranvir has a ring and Kabir has a picture of both him and Anchaal. Agree…Ranchal, I like it! It’s like Shivika and Devakshi, they all look so good together, they cannot be separated. LoL!
Sanju 17th Nov 2017 – 10:57 am

May be anchal knows about kabeer. It may be her secret mission to enter house and reveal all the bad deed done by raichands. But at last scene I remember the race movie scene where akshay khanna says same about his brother that he always win and father also likes his brother..

Ooshi Akbar 17th Nov 2017 – 3:18 pm

Waiting for Aanchal and Ranvir to be the pair

Ooshi Akbar 17th Nov 2017 – 3:20 pm

Thanks for the update MA


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First episode date: October 30, 2017
Network: Sony Entertainment Television
Production location: Mumbai
Language: Hindi
Genres: Romance Film, Thriller


Zayed Khan as Ranvir Raichand
Vatsal Sheth as Kabir Raichand
Nikita Dutta as Aanchal Srivastava
Sheeba Akashdeep as Kavita Raichand (Ranvir’s & Kabir’s mother)
Genre Romantic Thriller
Written by Samir ArroraShashank Shekhar
Starring See below
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Original language(s) Hindi
Location(s) Mumbai, India
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 23 minutes
Production company(s) Alchemy Productons
Distributor Sony Pictures Networks
Original network Sony TV
Original release 10 November 2017

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