Ishqbaaz 7th September 2017 Written Update Episode 363


Read Online Ishqbaaz 7th September 2017 Written Update Episode 363

Star Plus Serial Ishqbaaz 7th September 2017 Episode Written. Ishqbaaz Episode 362, Ishqbaaz written updates

starts with The goons take Om to a room and tell him that he has 20mins with him and if his wife finds him he’ll be safe or else hell die, Gauri cant find Om anywhere. Dadi makes shivaay and anika understand the flower rasam.
Sometimes earlier…. Shivaay tries explaining yesterdays situation to Anika but Anika stops her and tells him that she trusts him. Shivaay asks her again she says that where there is love theres….. she stops and Shivaay starts teasing her. bhavya tells Rudra that even if he wins the lottery the money wont be as worthy as the 500rs he earned. Shivaay complains to dadi and tells them that as there not doing anything for his wedding he has planned a rasam for todays evening.
Dadi explains them the rasam where the whole house is decorated with flower sheets and even the bride is jweled up with flowers. Shivaay has allergy so anika says no but Shivaay explains to her that hes only allergic to yellow tulips. Meanwhile, the doctor leaves om and the goons a.k.a the grandson come there takes him to another room. Rudra volenteers to carry the tokris to earn money, he earns 4000rs from dadi. Gauri cant find Om. Rudra pricks his hand and Bhavya feels bad about it.
Someone gets in yellow tulips. Shivaay tells Bhavya to get ready first just to meet Anika alone. Shivaay comes in Anikas room and helps her wear the flower jewelry. Meanwhile, Gauri hears a laugh and he tells her to save her husband she only has half an hour. Pinky stops Shivaay and tells him that Anika wanted exactly whats happening now, she taunts Anika but he stops her and tells him to not say anything about Anika as shes his pride. Khanna sees that someone has covered the CCTV camera. Rudra asks for money dadi doesn’t give it to her, Bhavya tells him that shes impressed by his work. The goons inject the poison in Oms body. Gauri finds the room and sees a fire extinguisher and enters the room, she saves Om, he tells her that hes fine. She blames herself but Om says thanks for saving his life. Rudra asks the shivika to sit on the swing.

Precap: pinky comes for the function and tries to talk to Shivaay but he ignores her.

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