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Jiji Maa 12th October 2017 Written Update Episode 05


Read Online Jiji Maa 12th October 2017 Written Update Episode 05. Jiji Maa Written update 12 october 2017 episode written, Jiji Maa episode 05. Jiji Maa today episode 12-10-2017, Jiji Maa Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Phalguni working late at night. Shom’s wife and daughters wake him up and ask him to spy to know what type of girls Vidhaan and Suyash like. He agrees. Its morning, Shom greets Jayant, Suyash and Vidhaan. Shom says family photo will complete when bahus come. Vidhaan asks do you like anyone. Suyash says no, I have no filmi story, where does it happen that you get stuck in traffic jam and find a beautiful girl on the road, time stops on seeing her. He thinks of Phalguni. Vidhaan teases him.

Suyash says this happens in film. Shom tells him he can find the girl on same road. Jayant asks did you get clever by working with Uttara. Uttara asks Shom to come office. Jayant asks why so soon. She says I will miss meeting. They go. She makes danger sign in his diary and says you
will remember me when you check diary next time. Phalguni prays at home. Uttara says Phalguni’s bad time starts now. Phalguni leaves from home. Uttara reaches office. A lady stops Phalguni and wastes her time. Phalguni says I m in hurry, let me go.


Uttara says motor bikers can come from anywhere. Some bikers take Phalguni’s bag and make her run after them. She gets her bag and cries recalling the work. She goes to shop and gives saree to Kaka. He scolds her for not fulfilling commitment. She shows the work she did on saree all night. He says remove the work from saree and return it, I lost my customer, you pay me for this saree, I will give you one week time. She says you can’t do this.

Uttara says I have spent 5000rs to ruin Phalguni. Shom says you taught her a lesson, revenge got complete. Uttara says no, I have to get her insulted in market. Kaka insults Phalguni in market. Uttara sees the live video. Phalguni cries. Everyone ask her to leave. She leaves. Uttara says now revenge for complete. Uttara says this saree will be world’s unluckiest saree, she made me walk in that bad locality. Someone records the video. Shom says Uttara’s revengeful is dangerous.


Suyash waits for Phalguni. Some drunkard sings Intehaa hogai and comes to him. He asks are you waiting for your lover, I have been waiting for my lover here for 15 years and she didn’t come, I became Devdas. Phalguni passes by. Suyash doesn’t see her. He leaves.

Niyati sees Phalguni coming. She plays song and dances with her. She asks Phalguni to have noodles. She feeds her. Phalguni controls her tears and hugs her. She goes and cries thinking of what happened. Phalguni prays for Niyati. She says I want a job, my Niyati will never sleep empty stomach. She cries.

Uttara gets the gift from Phalguni. She gets shocked seeing the same saree.

Jiji Maa Cast

  1. Jay
  2. Kinnari Mehtaa
  3. Dishank Arora
  4. Tanvi Dorga
  5. Shubhashish Jha
  6. Rajev Paul
  7. Pallavi Pradhan
  8. Rajesh Balwani

Jiji Maa Timing / Start Date

Starts 9th October
Mon-Fri at 7:30 pm
Only on Star Bharat & Star Bharat HD

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