Kasam 18th January 2018 Written Update Episode 480

Read Online Kasam 18th January 2018 Written Update Episode 480


Read Online Kasam 18th January 2018 Written Update Episode 480

Kasam 18th January 2018 Written update, Kasam 16 January 2018 Episode Written, Colors TV Serial Kasam today episode 18-01-2018 Episode 480 Kasam Written updates

The Episode starts with AK telling Tanuja that he saw Rishi and her hugging each other. Tanuja asks what? AK asks why did you show love and says he is manipulating you. He says you were doing over acting, I tried to stop you. He says Rishi was telling repeatedly that he loves you, and you hugged him and cried. He says I am broken because of you, you couldn’t control your emotions. Tanuja says whatever you have done is not justified. She tells that if anything happens to you then what will happen with me. She says yesterday they had a fight and Rishi was just pacifying her. She says you will not understand as you don’t love anyone. Maasi comes and asks AK to take Tanuja for shopping. Abhishek says everything is fine. He asks Tanuja if she don’t want to go on shopping then its ok. Tanuja scolds him

and says we will go.


Rishi and AK come for the meeting. The lawyers tell that you can’t break the collaboration because of the clause. They ask them to sign on the papers. Rishi tells AK that yesterday he dropped him home and says his life is messed up because of him. AK asks him to become responsible and says even Netra will leave you one day and goes. Rishi gets netra’s call and says he is reaching shopping mall. AK and Tanuja also come to the same mall. Rishi gets feeling of Tanuja being there and looks for her. Tanuja looks at the dress. Netra checks the dress and asks Rishi to help her. AK asks the saleswoman to show her mangalsutra and goes to attend the call. Rishi looks for Tanuja and comes to the jewellery section. Tanuja also feels him and looks for him. Song continues to play. They search each other. Tanuja comes back to jewellery store side. Rishi goes back to Netra. AK comes to Tanuja and asks if she is waiting for it still. Tanuja is shocked.

AK says I mean mangalsutra. Saleswoman shows the mangalsutra. AK says I will make you wear. Tanuja says you can’t make me wear it now and says there is a stipulated time to tie it. His friend comes and takes AK with him. Tanuja tries to wear mangalsutra, it falls. Rishi comes and picks it. Tanuja says are you following me. Rishi says I am yours. He makes her ties mangalsutra. Tanuja is shocked and he asks her to take the mangalsutra. Tanuja takes it off and comes to Rishi, holds his hand and asks what is this misbehavior. Rishi says if AK see you then he will feel bad. Saleswoman tells AK that Tanuja has selected this mangalsutra. AK asks her to pack it.


Netra and AK see each other, he says it seems you came for shopping. AK tells Netra that he is happy for her and says I hope you gets your love. Netra says can you help me and asks what is good between the two. AK says I feel this will look good on you. Tanuja takes Rishi to side and scolds him. She says I will kill you and asks why did you make me wear mangalsutra. Rishi keeps quiet. Tanuja asks him to answer. Rishi smiles and says you knows me well. Tanuja says yes. Rishi says I made you wear it. Tanuja says it is worn in mandap. Rishi asks then why did you wear it today. She says mangalsutra is the sacred custom of the marriage and is between husband and wife. Rishi says husband makes his wife wear it, and that’s why I made it. He says you didn’t forget the customs in London. Tanuja says some relations are beyond name and says her relation is AK is beyond anything and she is going to give name to their relation.

AK gives his mom’s bangles to Tanuja and says she took promise from me and asked me to give bangles to my love. Tanuja asks what you are saying. Ak says you are my love. Tanuja is shocked.

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (English: Swear Of Your Love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series. Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra play the roles of Tanu/Tanuja and Rishi respectively.
The story revolves around Tanushree Khurana, fondly called Tanu Khurana and Rishi Singh Bedi who are childhood friends. One day, Tanu saves Rishi and a sadhu woman (Katyani Bai) prophesies that Tanu and Rishi’s kundli matches very well, and Tanu will shield Rishi from danger. But Rano, Rishi’s mother, dislikes Tanu’s family and brainwashes her husband Raaj’s mind to move to America.
Genre Fiction
Starring Kratika Sengar
Sharad Malhotra
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 405 as of 6 December 2018

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