Kasam 22th September 2017 Written update Episode 396.

Read Online Kasam 22th September 2017 Written update Episode 396.


Read Online Kasam 22th September 2017 Written update Episode 396.

Kasam 22th September 2017 Written update, Kasam 22 september 2017 Episode Written, Colors TV Serial Kasam today episode 22-09-2017 Episode 396. Kasam Written updates
Scene 1

Tanu asks Rishi what she did now to miff him? he glares at her and turns to leave but Tanu says do you want to say something? why you seem so bothered? Rishi says you tell me why I am tensed? I thought to not say it but no, I would say it, I couldnt meet you last night and I dont regret it at all. Tanu says you would meet if you had come but how could you come? you 

must have slept after promising, once again you broke a promise, nothing new and even if you came, my answer would be same that you would never get Tanuja and Natasha, you are my past and forget me. Rishi says fine, I will forget you, I dont need you anymore, Tanu turns to leave but Rishi grabs her shoulder and says leave where you want to but I want my daughter, I will have her. Tanu says leave my hand, people are watching, Rishi


 leaves it and says I dont want to hold hands that are in arms of someone else, if you want to be in someone’s arms then do it in room, not openly. Tanu recalls how she hugged Abhi. She says he is my husband, I can do what I want in my house with my husband, I dont need anyone’s permission and I have got respect and care in that house, I 

have told you all this before too, you make me feel like I cheated, we all know who cheated on who, stop looking at other families, be with your family and focus on them. You live with Naitra, she loves you a lot, be happy with her. They glare at each other. Tanu turns to leave but Rishi goes behind her.


Naitra is sitting in her room, she recalls how Rishi was alleged for having affair with Naitra in court. She says tomorrow is court hearing again, dont know what will happen.
Rishi says to Tanu that dont bring Naitra in all this. Tanu says I cant bring Naitra but you can bring Abhi whenever you want. 
Rishi says you dont know what Naitra did for my family. Tanu says I know everything what Naitra did for you and your family, infact I even know what she with you and if she didnt do it then this wouldnt be happening with you, Rishi says look.. she says I will talk and you will listen today because after that we will talk in court only, Naitra did whatever for herself but Abhi does everything.. Rishi says its his duty, he is your husband but Naitra.. Tanu says I know I know how great Naitra is, I couldnt confess my love in private but Naitra confessed infront of all, 

you love her and she loves you, you both love each other and be happy. Rishi says why cant I be happy if you are happy with Abhi, Tanu says I am very happy in life. Rishi says I dont care, Tanu says you care because you are fighting in middle of road like this, look at me, I am happy and dont bring past in all this because Abhi loves me a lot, he is nice husband and father too. Rishi says is he good lover too? Tanu says he doesnt make me cry like you, how can you stop me and question me like this? you act like you are my husband and Abhi is other man to me, I feel like calling Abhi and telling him that you are bothering me.

 Rishi says then call him, tell him some crazy lover is behind you, she says I dont irritate him for small things, Rishi says he is that great? Tanu says he takes care of me, doesnt put allegations on me, doesnt snatch everything from me in a blink.. Rishi looks away and says custody case was not my idea, I could never think to separate Natasha from you like this. 
Tanu says you are right but what is happening is not happening because of you right? she glares at him, sits in car and drives away.
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