Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 93

Read Online Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 93


Read Online Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2017 Written Update Episode 93

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2017 Episode Written, Zee TV Serial Kundali Bhagya Episode 92. Kundali Bhagya today episode 14-11-2017, Kundali Bhagya written updates

Sherlin comes to Kareena and takes a drink. Kareena was curt and says she feels jealous of that girl. There is no comparison of Kritika and Preeta; Preeta got someone like Prithvi who is well settled and good looking. Sherlin says its because of her. Then explains Rishab would have married Preeta if not her. Kareena clarifies it didn’t happen because of her, Preeta is marrying someone who loves her dearly and even Sherlin is marrying someone who loves Preeta. Sherlin thinks Kareena didn’t know they are celebrating Preeta’s destruction today.
Sarla comes to Rishab to introduce Prithvi with him. They shake hands. Sarla asks if he has met him? Rishab says he was trying to recall if he met him? Prithvi says people often get misunderstandings, as he has a really common face. Rishab insists

he genuinely feel he met her. Sarla takes Prithvi to meet a neighbor. Prithvi was nervous of Rishab’s stare. He turns to go to the other side and thinks he must fix Karan and Rishab before they ruin his plan. Rishab comes from behind tries to recognize Prithvi and asks where did they met earlier. Prithvi denies meeting him ever. Sherlin watches Rishab and takes him away as everyone is waiting for them. Rishab thinks this man is suspicious. Prithvi was relieved as he could have recalled everything soon if stayed.


Shrishti comes to the hall with her fingers crossed. Sameer waves at her but she shuts her eyes tightly. Sameer calls her crazy and leaves. Shrishti opens her eyes and thinks she must be day dreaming about Sameer. She turns to go home. Janki asks Shrishti what happened to her. Shrishti says she can only see darkness in her future.

Preeta comes downstairs looking for Sarla. Prithvi stops her. Karan watch them talk to each other. Prithvi asks to straighten her matha tikka. Sherlin notices Karan staring at them, and feels dislikes Prithvi’s intimacy with Preeta. She takes Prithvi. Karan asks to speak to Preeta but she wasn’t in a mood to argue, she goes to speak to a friend. Karan holds her hand, the friend calls her fiancé handsome. Preeta takes him aside. Karan insists he needs to speak to her and takes her upstairs.
Sherlin brings Rishab to a corridor and complains for being too close to Preeta. Prithvi convinces he has to act of falling in love with Preeta.


Shrishti comes to her and room and convinces herself to print a false picture of Sameer. She sits in front of mirror and says Sameer is a very nice and caring man. He must never have to knead flour at his own house, but he did it for today. She turns around and hears Sameer calling him. She tries to jerk the feeling, Sameer had come into the room and smiles towards her. She says she won’t believe this time, as he would soon vanish. Sameer laughs and asks is she is drunk? She asks what he feels for her. They share an eye lock.

Karan locks the door behind Preeta. She insists on him to let it open. Karan asks what’s her problem. Preeta calls him a flirt, and she isn’t his Juliet. She taunts at him for flirting with the guest girls. Karan insists they were his fans. Preeta forbids him hold her hand at all, she doesn’t like it. Karan says he isn’t as cheap as to flirt her here. Preeta was apologetic. Karan says he wants her to stay happy and safe, he never left his practice ever for anyone else. Preeta asks him to hurry up now, what he wants to say. Else there is a lot to do, he can go downstairs to flirt a lot of girls there. With a minor argument Preeta turns to leave. Karan gets serious and asks her not to do the roka.

PRECAP: Karan tells Prithvi he knows well Prithvi isn’t what he reveals to the world. Prithvi says it doesn’t matter what Karan thinks about him, he is going to marry Preeta anyway.

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