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Mere Sai 01 february 2018 Written Update Episode 93

Read Online Mere Sai 01 february 2018 Written Update Episode 93


Read Online Mere Sai 01 february 2018 Written Update Episode 93

Mere Sai 01 february 2018 episode written, Mere Sai episode 93. Mere Sai today episode 01-02-2018. Mere Sai Written Updates.

Keshav brings the boys to Jungle and says this is Sai. Boys see tiger instead and runs. Keshav turns to Sai and asks why did they run. Sai keeps his hand on his head. Mere Sai plays…A mad boy attacks Osman in Dwarka Maai. Osman shouts. They think the boy is mad. Sai keeps his hand on boy’s head. He is calm down. Osman says he is mad. Sai says he is hungry of love and affection and needs his mother’s love. Boy smiles looking at Sai. Suhasini looks at the oil and tells that she made this oil for Shankar. Tatya comes and says it is good smell. Suhasini keeps it in her stuff. Bayaza asks him to come and says she will give him food. Jhipri, Tatya and others boys are playing. Boy hits on the stone. Everyone looks at him.

Tatya says your aim is good and asks who is he? They ask who is he and what


is his name. They ask him to play with them. Boy pushes other boy. Jhipri asks him to calm down and asks why can’t you speak. Boy shouts and runs. Tatya asks if someone hurt him. Other boy says he pushed me and ran. They come to Dwarka Maai following him. Boy hides behind Sai. Tatya asks do you know him. Sai says yes and says from now he will stay with me. Tatya asks why he is not talking to us, if he can’t speak. Sai says he will speak surely to the person who is yearning to hear him. He says once he gets his mother, he will get fine. Tatya says if his mum is not here. Sai says he has a mother, but they couldn’t meet and searching each other. Suhasini is shown. Jhipri asks what is his name? Sai says he has no name and asks them to think of name for him. They suggest name for him. Boy likes the name Sattu and gets happy. Tatya asks if he can understand what we are talking.

Sai says he is understanding expressions and says once he gets his mum, he will get his mother. Jhipri says we all will take care of him. They all decide to take care of him. Jhipri says he needs hair oil. Tatya recalls Suhasini having hair oil and says he will get best hair oil. He comes home and gets hair oil from Suhasini’s drawer. He comes back to Sattu and shows hair oil. Sattu likes its smell and smiles. Sai says it is filled with love and affection. Other boys bring clothes, slipper etc. Sai applies hair oil in his hairs and combs his hairs. Rano ji brings water and keeps it. Tatya says how did Sattu get separated from his parents. Rano ji says his parents must have left him. Sai says everyone has some qualities. Even he has special qualities, says family members must have left him, but destiny haven’t and his destiny is having a beautiful life ahead. Om Sai plays…


Bayaza thinks to keep Suhasini’s clothes in almari so that it gets easy for her to get her clothes. She unpacks her stuff and sees Shankar stuff. She thinks she brought Shankar’s stuff and prays to Sai to free her from the pain. Suhasini comes and asks Bayaza not to touch her belongings from now onwards. She keeps back her things. Bayaza says if we can donate these books to village kids then it will be helpful to them. Suhasini asks him not to tell this and says only my son is mine and not other’s son. He says I won’t let anyone touch it. Tatya comes there and tells that he gave fragrance oil to Sattu. Bayaza says you should have asked us before taking. Tatya tells that Sai is taking care of Sattu.

Suhasini blames Sai for spoiling kids and says I will not leave kids for taking Shankar’s stuff. She goes to Sai and sees him making Sattu sleep on his lap. She don’t see his face and says don’t know why people can’t see your betrayal and says now you have brought this boy and will make him get charity. Sai says I am for everyone and you have closed your heart. Suhasini takes bottle from boy’s hand. Sattu smiles. She asks why you are smiling? Sai says he felt motherly love in your words. Suhasini asks him not to have pity on her. Sattu tries to stop her.

Suhasini comes to Sai and says she wants to know about her illness. He says he knows her pain and asks her to free Shankar’s soul.

Few are aware of the deep bond that existed between Bayaza bai and Sai. The godman Sai considered Bayaza bai to be her sister for the last seven births.
Bayaza, whom the locales addressed as Bayaza Maa was drawn to baba much before his saintly powers were revealed. Since the time they first met, she would never eat without feeding Sai. And because Sai’s considered Bayazabai to be his sister, he took care of Bayaza’s son Tatya Kote as his nephew.
As a child Tatya addressed Baba as “Mama” but with age the relationship drifted towards an elder brotherly side. They would wrestle and have a lot of fun together.

Full Star-Cast :
Abeer Soofi as Sai Baba
Toral Rasputra as Baija Maa
Vaibhav Mangle as Kulkarni Sarkar
Abhishek Nigam as younger Sai Baba
Chirag Dave as Mhalsapati
Hemant Thatte as Appa Kote Patil

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