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Mere Sai 22th January 2018 Written Update Episode 85

Read Online Mere Sai 22th January 2018 Written Update Episode 85


Read Online Mere Sai 22th January 2018 Written Update Episode 85

Mere Sai 22 january 2018 episode written, Mere Sai episode 85. Mere Sai today episode 22-01-2018. Mere Sai Written Updates.

Sai tells Jhipri that this is the result of your hardwork, trust and dedication that your dream is fulfilled. Your basti is sparkling like Ayodhya. Rukmini thinks about Vishnu’s words and thinks if I tell the secret of box, then Kulkarni will be accused. Her Servant comes there and tells Rukmini that Sai have done miracle and all Shirdi is sparkling with lamps. She says Sai has lighted the lamp with water.

Rukmini thinks Sai has answer for her dilemma and is about to go out, when Kulkarni comes and asks her if she wants to go out and see the blind faith, scolds her and asks her to go inside. He asks some villagers, Anta, Banta and Gangaram, what they saw. They say they didn’t see anything. Kulkarni says I have seen him lighting lamps with water. Gangaram says it might have happened. Mhalsapati tells


his wife about Sai’s miracle. Vishnu comes there and apologizes to him. He hugs him and says I was egoistic and didn’t do right with many people. He says he will bear the punishment which British give him. Mhalsapati’s wife asks him to meet Yamuna.

Vishnu meets Yamuna and says I am your guilty and gave you many pains. I don’t know how to forgive myself and says he hates himself. Yamuna asks him to go to Sai and says he can show the way. Vishnu nods. He comes to Sai and apologizes. He says I have to surrender tomorrow. Sai shows the bal Krishna and says he made it for his neice. Vishnu says Yamuna’s marriage? I told you that I have to surrender tomorrow. Sai asks him to have trust and says Yamuna will marry.


Mere Sai plays….

Rukmini sees Kulkarni sleeping and comes to Sai in night. She tells him everything and says that suitcase is a trouble for all villager and because of it, everyone’s happiness have vanished, and says that box is in my house. Sai says since you saw it, you are in dilemma and fighting with it. Rukmini says yes. Sai gets up. Rukmini asks where you are going? Sai says he is going to his medicinal plants. Sai says you have to take the decision.

Next morning, Rukmini comes to Vishnu. Vishnu tells that he is going to surrender. Rukmini tries to take out the box. Vishnu looks at himself in the well and thinks he can’t wear it again and will be called as a traitor. Kulkarni wakes up, but is still on bed. He thinks about Sai’s words and asks what he wants to say. Rukmini takes out the box. Vishnu thinks I can’t see Yamuna again or return to him. Rukmini throws treasure box inside the well. Vishnu hears the sound and thinks if someone fell down in the well. He jumps inside and gets the treasure box. Rukmini looks at him from far and says Om Sai Ram.


Keshav falls down in the pit and prays to Sai. Jhipri and her illagers feel pain in their stomach. They come to Sai and ask him to protect them.

Few are aware of the deep bond that existed between Bayaza bai and Sai. The godman Sai considered Bayaza bai to be her sister for the last seven births.
Bayaza, whom the locales addressed as Bayaza Maa was drawn to baba much before his saintly powers were revealed. Since the time they first met, she would never eat without feeding Sai. And because Sai’s considered Bayazabai to be his sister, he took care of Bayaza’s son Tatya Kote as his nephew.
As a child Tatya addressed Baba as “Mama” but with age the relationship drifted towards an elder brotherly side. They would wrestle and have a lot of fun together.

Full Star-Cast :
Abeer Soofi as Sai Baba
Toral Rasputra as Baija Maa
Vaibhav Mangle as Kulkarni Sarkar
Abhishek Nigam as younger Sai Baba
Chirag Dave as Mhalsapati
Hemant Thatte as Appa Kote Patil

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