Porus 07 february2018 Written Update Episode 53

Read Online Porus 07 february2018 Written Update Episode 53


Read Online Porus 07 february2018 Written Update Episode 53

Porus 07 february2018 episode written, Porus episode 53. Porus today episode 07-02-2018. Porus Written Updates.


In Macedonia, Aredius throws liquor glass from everyone shouting it is blood and then hits his head to a pillar. Alexander and his friend hold Aredius. He tries to snatch Philip’s thrown and says it is his. Olympia says he has gone mad in greed of throne. Philip asks doctor to treat him. Doctor says prince is healthy, but someone has done black magic on him. Alexander looks at Olympia.

In Pourav rastra, Puru wakes up and shouts he is coming King Bamni, he will save that woman/Anusuya at any cost. Darius throws Anusuya in prison and tells Moses that he wants Anusuya’s memory back as he wants her to see how he will rule golden sparrow Bharath. He walks in front of Anusuya. She reminisces all the previous incident and panics, says he is Darius, Farsi businessman. Darius grins and tries to leave. Anusuya says once her son grows up he will kick all Farsis out of Bharath. Darius walks out saying her son himself will help him rule over Bharath.


Puru beats Pourav soldiers and walks into courtyard holding sword, shouting king Bamni wanted to meet him, here he is. Kanishk shouts if he does not know he cannot misbehave with a king in courtyard and pulls sword. Bamni stops him and asks Puru he saved Pourav pride, that does not mean he can misbehave and come late. Puru says he was stopped from coming and was taken somewhere else by his aide. Bamni asks who is it. Puru says Amartya Shivdutt. Bamni says it is impossible, he is wrongly alleging his brother.

Shivdutt searches Anusuya. Darius enters and asks if he is searching Anusuya and asks if he wants Anusuya back he has to help him establish his army in Pourav rastra.


Bamni warns Puru not to allege his brother wrongly. Puru says he realized why Pourav warriors were defeated, they know only to trouble and show their anger on women. Bamni shouts he is crossing his limits. Puru asks to call his brother Shivdutt then qnd find out truth..

Puru warns Shivdutt to return that woman and pulls sword. Bamni stops him and asks to leave Pourav rastra. Puru walks with Kanishk and soldiers. Kanishk stabs him.

Porus is a Sony TV’s television series based on an Indian warrior Porus and his life story especially the Battle of the Hydaspes with the Great Alexander. The show will be produced by Swastik Productions. Wikipedia
First episode date: 27 November 2018
Number of seasons: 1
Language: Hindi
Production company: Swastik Pictures
Nominations: ITA Award for Best TV Show, ITA Award for Best Actor – Female, ITA Award for Best Actor – Male
Genres: Historical period drama, Indian soap opera.

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