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Savitri Devi 09 february 2018 Written Update Episode 315

Read Online Savitri Devi 09 february 2018 Written Update Episode 315


Read Online Savitri Devi 09 february 2018 Written Update Episode 315

Savitri Devi 09 february 2018 episode written, Savitri Devi episode 315. Savitri Devi today episode 09-02-2018. Savitri Devi Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Ayesha and Gayatri making plan to separate Veer and Sanchi. Gayatri tells them about magazine reporters coming to the hospital tomorrow and tells that she is sure that Sanchi will give credit to Dr. Kabir for her success. Ayesha says she will separate them. Sanchi gives interview to the media and tells that two persons are responsible for her success. She says one is not here (she means Veer) and the other is Dr. Kabir. Veer hears Dr. kabir’s name and misunderstands Sanchi. Ayesha sends him message asking if he got sure now.

Veer comes home and is angry thinking Dr. Kabir is taking advantage of their separation and trying to get closer to Sanchi. Gayatri comes there and asks what is he doing here and tells that Sanchi wants Dr. Kabir and her pic to appear on magazine


cover page and asks him to do something and stop Sanchi and make Dr. Malhotra and her pic appear on the cover page. Veer comes to hospital and asks Sanchi about magazine photo shoot. Sanchi says yes and says everyone will be on the cover page. Kabir asks Sanchi to ignore him. Veer selects floral suit. Sanchi asks him to select suit wisely. Veer says nobody can select suit for him. Sanchi thinks Veer wants Ayesha to select it.

Ayesha apologizes to Veer and says she loves him and whatever she said was because of her love. She says lets be friends. Veer looks at Sanchi. Ayesha tells Sanchi that Veer likes her fashion sense and asked her to helped him. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi if she is wearing men suit and asks her to try. Sanchi chooses Suit for Veer, but tells Dr. Kabir that she has chosen it for him. Dr. Kabir thanks her. Ayesha gets happy at her plan. Dr. Kabir says I will select a dress for you. Ayesha makes Veer try the tie and asks him to let Sanchi go. Veer says Sanchi has selected that suit for me, but gave to Dr. Kabir. He questions her.


Sanchi says why I will select dress for you and says you are my colleague and he is my friend. Dr. Kabir selects dress for Sanchi. Veer says he will select dress for Sanchi. Ayesha thinks she will have a last win. Sanchi comes to her desk and sees Veer there. Veer pulls her closer and says he is checking measurement. He shows her dress and says you will wear this only. Sanchi asks how do you know my measurement. Veer says I know hugging you.

Sanchi thanks him and says she has already selected her dress. Veer says it was chosen by Dr. Kabir and says only I know what looks best on you. He goes. Sanchi picks the dress and thinks why you are doing this veer. Ayesha and Ria come to Sanchi’s desk to compromise with her dress. Sanchi comes back. They hide under the desk. Sanchi gets Dadi’s call and talks to her.

Ayesha makes Veer drunk and lie down with him on bed and takes intimate pics with him while he is unconscious. She shows pics to Gayatri. Gayatri gets happy.

Savitri Devi College & Hospital is an Indian medical drama television series, which premiered on May 15, 2018 on Colors TV. The show stars Swarda Thigale, Varun Kapoor in the lead.
Swarda Thigale as Dr. Sanchi Mishra(Main Lead/Protagonist)
Varun Kapoor as Dr. Veer Malhotra(Main Lead/Protagonist)
Vikram Sakhalkar as Dr. Kabir Kapoor(Second Male Lead/Protagonist)
Mohan Kapur as Dr. Anand Malhotra(Main Antagonist)
Shilpa Shirodkar as Jaya Mishra (Sanchi’s Mother/Protagonist)
Nishigandha Wad as Savitri Devi Anand Malhotra (Dr Anand’s first wife/Veer’s Mother/Protagonist)
Sonica Handa as Gayatri Anand Malhotra (Dr Anand’s second wife/second main antagonist)

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