Shani 19th October 2017 Written Update Episode 248

Read Online Shani 19th October 2017 Written Update Episode 248


Read Online Shani 19th October 2017 Written Update Episode 248

Shani 19th October 2017 Episode Written, Colors TV Serial Shani today Episode 248 19-10-2017. Shani written update

joins in. Shani interrupts him. Some of her Karamfal is still left. Bhadra’s actions were in the favour of the world which is why she will always remain an immortal. Till the time Kaalchakra will continue moving Bhadra will be immortal. Kaal has 3 faces – Shiva, Shakti and Shani. I am the third avatar of Kaal. I give Bhadra a seventh part of Kaal. It will be known as Bhadrakaal wherein no one will bear anyone’s injustice. Bhadra will finish all the enemies in Bhadrakaal! Chhaya tells him this isn’t enough to cover his sins. Shani tells her he dint create Bhadrakaal for his own advantage. I gave Bhadra her Karamfal this way. I will also give Karamfal to someone else in a very similar manner.

Sanghya asks him what he gives to those who are ready to accept their sins. Shani glares at her. He remembers Bhadra’s last wish and firmly tells her she wont get any forgiveness / chance this time. You will only get your Karamfal now – death! He invokes his weapon.


Sanghya rushes to Surya Dev. I have come in your shelter today. It is your duty to protect even your enemies when they come to you. Shani aims his weapon at Sanghya. She again requests Surya Dev to protect her. Devraj asks Surya Dev if he would allow Shani hurt Devi Sanghya in his presence. Will you move from your dharma? Surya Dev tells Shani to stop. It is my duty to protect whosoever comes to me seeking shelter. You cannot kill Sanghya. Shani reasons that giving shelter to a culprit is adharma. You know Sanghya very well. You know it well that she is only using you. She is using dharma to trap you. Don’t fall in her trap. Move aside. Surya Dev warns him again. It is you must move from your path today or I will also have to use my weapon against you today! Shani shares that his dharma has already told him to kill Sanghya. Her sins have reached their peak. No one can stop me from giving Sanghya her Karamfal now. Her death is certain today.

Surya Dev says it isn’t Karamfaldata right now but Bhadra’s brother who is saying this. Shani says it is Karamfaldata who is standing before you right now. If it was a son or brother then he would have already killed her by now. Karamfal neither waits for anyone nor looks at the place or people. Surya Dev stays put on his decision to protect Sanghya. Shani tells him he would have to attack him then. Don’t force me to fight this war of dharma. Surya Dev decides to use weapon now. It isn’t time to have a war of words anymore. Shani accepts his decision.


Brahma Dev says it is important to intervene or Shani wont understand where this path will take him to. Narayan agrees. There will be imbalance in the world otherwise. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev what he is thinking. Will we see our beloved God dying quietly? Mahadev points out that Shani has taken his decision. I have never intervened in his decision till date and I wont do it today either even if this decision will take him near his death!

Devraj and few other Gods use their powers to tie Shani. Surya Dev tells Devraj to take Shani to Mahadev. He only will decide his fate. Sanghya smirks and thinks she won. See, I am still safe and alive even after doing so many injustices. Shani remarks that Karamfaldata cannot go without giving Karamfal. I must give Karamfal. It is dharma. He frees himself. Sanghya panics. He ties all those Gods using his powers now. Chhaya tells Shani it is enough. You want a fight right? Fight with me. You will have to attack me before attacking my husband or anyone who has come to him for protection. Shani is shocked. She tells him to kill her also he killed her daughter. You are now attacking my husband and other Gods. I agree that Sanghya misguided Bhadra. She is a culprit but the truth is you are the one who killed her. Who will kill you though? You are Karamfaldata Shani after all. Show us your real face. Show us that you are a murderer! Shani keeps his weapon in her feet. Don’t try to take the wrong path. If I am wrong then Tridev will punish me. Don’t cover Sanghya’s sins by becoming her shield. Coming in between punishment and culprit is also a sin! He stands up and looks at Sanghya. The one you are protecting is the same Sanghya who made Bhadra do so much wrong. Even Mahadev wasn’t spared. This isn’t personal anymore. This is my Karamfal. Think. Sanghya’s Karamfal is finally decided after her committing so many sins. Karamfaldata Shani has come here as her Kaal! Chhaya again stops him but Shani gives her last warning this time. Step back or you will also be punished for coming between justice! Seeing her not moving at all, he covers her in a shield and looks at Sanghya.

Mahadev says it is impossible to stop Shani today. Maybe no one can escape fate, not even Kaal and Shani! He looks emotional.

Shani asks Sanghya what she thought. You thought you would be able to escape your Karamfal by seeking shelter in Surya Loka? World will remember you as an example after today. Karamfaldata Shani can go to any extent to give Karamfal. Sanghya calls it impossible. I know you more than yourself. You wont kill me. Shani tells her she is forgetting that he is both time and Kaal. I give Karamfal on the basis of Karmas. As per me, your Karamfal is death! You are past forgiveness now. Get ready to die! He lifts his weapon in air invoking all the energies. Sanghya is utterly scared. Surya Dev stands in her way but Shani does not flinch. Surya Dev falls down wincing in pain. Shani aims his weapon at Sanghya next.

Precap: See the last chapter of Baal Shani. Shani looks at Surya Dev and remarks that Sanghya got her Karamfal. Everyone will remember it forever. Chhaya slaps Shani. Death is the easiest punishment for anyone. Now it is my turn to see Karamfaldata dying every moment. This isn’t your home anymore. You must never return here! Shani closes his eyes sadly.


Karmaphal Daata Shani (English: The lord of the deeds Shani) is an Indian Hindi historical period drama television series, which premiered on 7 November 2017 and is broadcast on Colors TV. The series is produced by Swastik Productions of Siddharth Kumar Tewary. The series airs every Monday to Friday 9.00 pm [1]The series has dubbed into Telugu on Gemini TV and it airs every Monday to Saturday 8:30 pm from 24 July 2017.It has also dubbed into Malayalam on Surya TV and it is aired on every Monday to Saturday 8:30pm from 24 July 2017 .
Also known as Shani
Genre Soap opera
Created by Siddhartha Kumar Tewary
Written by Utkarsh Naithani
Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Vinod Sharma
Directed by Kamal Moonga, Sumit Thakur, Gurpreet Rana,Aviraj D.
Creative director(s) Amol Surve, Nitin Gupta, Siddharth Tiwetiya
Starring See Cast
Theme music composer
Jitesh Panchal

Shyam Chetri
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 240 as of 6 October 2017


Kartikey Malviya as young Shani
Devish Ahuja as young Yamraj
Salil Ankola as Suryadev
Juhi Parmar as Chhaya/Sangya or Saranyu
Keeranbikash Patra as Vishnu
Tarun Khanna as Shiva
Vibha Anand as Goddess Mahakali
Amar Deep Garg as Brahma
Mohan Sharma as Ganesha
Krish Chauhan as Hanuman
Kunal Bakshi as Indra
Tinu Verma as Shukracharya
Gufi Paintal as Vishwakarma
Drisha Kalyani as young Yami or Yamuna
Praneet Sharma as young Kakol
Vijay Badlani as Narada
Zohaib Siddiqui as Rahu
Raj Singh as Chandra
Vishal Nayak as Pawan Dev
Patrali Chattopadhyay as Mohini
Snigdha Akolkar as Mata Anjani
Shweta Vyas as Lakshmi
Nimai Bali as Sage Vishwamitra
Kanan Malhotra as Raja Harishchandra
Sudha Chandran as Simhika Rahu’s mother
Jannat Zubair Rahmani as Neelima or Shani’s Power or Shanipriya
Nitanshi Goel as Bhadra (Shani’s sister)

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