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Shivani Durgah Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Photos Images Latest News


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Shivani Durgah in Bigg Boss 11 :

A religious devotee, Shivani Durgah in her introductory video said, “Ek talaab ki machchli gandi hai to iska matlab ye nahi ki poora talaab hi ganda ho.” Now we know what she was hinting at. Shivani is self-proclaimed god woman and in the last season, we had self-proclaimed godman, Swami Om. We just hope Shivani has no qualities of Swami Om. Shivani holds two PhDs from Chicago University and hails from Noida. But currently, she is based in Mumbai.

The contestants even among the commoners this season are a thoughtfully handpicked bunch. Jyoti Kumari, the daughter of a peon, though comes from a small town, does have big dreams. After Om Swami’s stint shocked not only the Bigg Boss 11 house but also the viewing audiences with his bizarre antics, the makers are bringing in another self-claimed god woman, Shivani Durgah. Then comes an underworld connection in Zubair Khan, who is the son in law of Dawood Ibrahim’s little sister, Haseena Parkar. And finally, stage dancer whose videos are best known in North India, Sapna Chaudhary.


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