Udaan 19th October 2017 Written Update Episode 947

Read Online Udaan 19th October 2017 Written Update Episode 947


Read Online Udaan 19th October 2017 Written Update Episode 947

Udaan 19th October 2017 episode written, Udaan episode 947 Udaan today episode 19-10-2017, Udaan Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Ranvijay saying your husband can’t even come in this locality. Chakor says I know he is here, he is my eyes and heart. Suraj comes out of the box. Ranvijay gets angry and goes to get things from storeroom. Chakor goes to light diyas. Suraj smiles and jumps out of the box. He goes out and sees Ranvijay. He recalls Ranvijay’s words and hides. Ranvijay checks the things. He sees a box with fire crackers. Suraj gets black color on his face. Ranvijay calls and scolds the man for sending half items. He asks Chakor to lock room after lighting diyas. Chakor keeps diyas there. She senses Suraj.
She looks around. She goes. Suraj holds the door. Mahiya…..plays…. She gets restless. Pakhi calls him and asks did he meet Chakor. He says I felt Chakor was here, tell Imli about

 me, else she will worry. Chakor refuses to wear a saree. He says my dad bought this saree for my mum, and she kept this for her bahu, you know its value now, go and wear it. He asks Preeti to make Chakor wear the saree. Chakor says I will never become your bride, I will take gift from my husband. Suraj sees earrings and says this is Diwali gift for Chakor. Ranvijay’s mum comes there. He hides. Chakor throws the saree and refuses to wear it. He asks Preeti to come.


Chakor recalls what all he did and says fine, I will wear it. He asks Preeti to switch on tv, there is imp news coming. He asks guard to be careful, his special guest is coming. Chakor asks who. He says you will know. Chakor gets shocked seeing Ranvijay and her marriage news. Ranvijay smiles and goes. Chakor says if Suraj sees this news, none can stop him from coming here. Suraj goes out of storeroom. Ranvijay asks Chakor how did she like the news, she will get famous. Chakor says if Suraj sees this news, he will come and get trapped. Preeti says I think its his plan. Suraj sees Chakor and smiles. Suraj sees the guard.
Imli says its good Chakor and Suraj are fine, Chakor is pregnant, my life just has thorns, I m unlucky, I lost my child, don’t know Vivaan will get conscious or not. Kasturi says it will be good if Chakor comes back. Imli says its not good, I mean our thinking is different. She gets a call and goes. Kasturi says how can Imli say this about Chakor, what happened to her. Pakhi comes to them and tells Suraj is getting Chakor back. She goes after Imli to tell her. She hears Imli saying Chakor’s story will end. Kavya screams seeing Suraj and runs. Suraj sees his face black. He hides. Ranvijay and everyone come. Kavya describes Suraj. Ranvijay says my target has come home. He asks guard to call police force and find him. Chakor says did Suraj come here, no, I told him his life is in danger, he is mad, he can come here. Ranvijay asks them to come.
Imli tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor and Suraj won’t come back. Pakhi hears them and gets shocked. Bhaiya ji praises her. She says I don’t make fail plan like you. He apologizes. They see Pakhi. Pakhi runs and hides. He says if she tells everyone, we will be gone, we have to shut her mouth.
Ranvijay asks guard to shoot the man. Chakor says it maybe a thief. He says I will punish him for the theft.

Chakor’s dupatta catches fire. Ranvijay comes to see. Suraj catches Chakor in his arms. Ranvijay gets shocked.



Udaan meaning (Flight) was a popular Hindi TV serial that aired on the Indian Television channel Doordarshan, from 1989 – 91The serial was written and directed by Kavita Chaudhary who was also the main lead of the serial[3][4] It also starred Shekhar Kapur in an important role.
The show was based on the struggle of a woman aspiring to be an IPS officer. It was probably the first Indian television show on women empowerment. The serial is inspired by true story of IPS Kanchan Choudhary Bhattacharya (Former Director General of Police) who after several hardships went to become the first female Director General of Police.She is elder sister of Kavita Chaudhary, director of show. The direction and performance of Kavita Chaudhary were applauded and loved by the media and the public.
Genre Drama
Written by Kavita Chaudhary
Directed by Kavita Chaudhary
Starring Kavita Chaudhary, Vikram Gokhale, Shekhar Kapur
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 30


Kavita Chaudhary as Kalyani Singh
Sandeep Baswani
Shekhar Kapur
Uttara Baokar
Dr. Anil Kumar Rastogi
Vikram Gokhale
Ranvijay Thakur
Kanchan Choudhary Bhattacharya
Akhilendra Mishra
Satish Kaushik
Suraj Thapar

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