Vighnaharta Ganesh

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2017 Written Update Episode 23

Read Online Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2017 Written Update Episode 23


Read Online Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2017 Written Update Episode 23
Vighnaharta Ganesh 21 september 2017 Episode Written. Vighnaharta Ganesh Episode 23, Vighnaharta Ganesh today episode 21-09-2017 Written Episode. Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

The episode starts with gajmukasur saying now we will attack heaven and destroy everything, I will rule everyone. A demon says gajmukasur I will rule everyone, not you. gajmukasur laughs and says who are you demon? You want to die or what? Demon says I challenge you gajmukasur, lets fight. Gajmukasur says demon you have called your death, I will not leave you. gajmukasur fights the demon, the demon says the battle isn’t over yet gajmukasur, gajmukasur throws the demon on ground and says now I will kill you. gajmukasur uses his sword to kill the demon but the demon is powerful and uses his powers from which gajmukasur is put to pain and tied from the powers.

Gajmukasur thinks he is very powerful and mayavi, leave me. Gajmukasur says leave me demon, you are powerful, I accept defeat. The
demon gets up and leaves gajmukasur, he goes and sits on the throne. A woman demon comes and says we all demons welcome you demon king sindhura! Everyone say rakshasa sindhura ki jai, gajmukasur says sindhura ki jai! He then sees in devlok and says why is devlok looking so bright today? The woman demon says my demons will find out the reason.
There all gods come on their vehicles and bless son, the blessings come to son. In the palace 2 friends of parvati are decorating the palace with flowers.


One says you should have used champa as parvati loves those flowers. Other says but I did not get any champa flowers and I had brought some but I cant find them anywhere, so lets use these chameli flowers. Suddenly from up, champa flowers start falling on them. The friends say from where are these flowers falling on us? Parvati comes and laughs as she sees her son sitting above and throwing flowers on them. Son throws flowers and then throws basket on one friend. The other friend laughs as she sees son. The friend says the basket is on my eye, I cannot see. Parvati comes and removes it. son comes down and laughs as everyone does. Son then uses his trunk and blows air on one friend. She thinks he is so sweet and komal.

Son blows air on other friend too. The other friend thinks he is so decent and beautiful. Parvati says son they are your aunts. Son says what is an aunt? Parvati says it means she is like your mother but are my sisters. Parvati says her name is jaya and the other is vijaya. Son says pranam. nandi and all the gan come in. nandi says pranam mata. Nandi thinks now son wont accept me as his friend, he will still be angry at me, what do I do? Parvati then says son he is nandi, the vehicle of mahadev. Son does pranam to nandi and says nandi ji I remember the story you showed me of a princess and a prince, will you show me again? nandi is happy and says why not?


I wills how you one even better. Nandi with his powers shows an image of lord Shankar and parvati sitting with son. Son says see mata it is us, see it is beautiful. Parvati smiles.
Nandi’s friend Shakti thinks I used my horns and fought son. At least nandi showed him a story, what will I do? He will be angry on me. Son says I remember you friend, you are so powerful that I was pushed back but that was the past, we will be friends and I am sure we will mix with each other. Shakti is happy too and says yes. Son says you all will be my friends right and play with me? Everyone say yes. Son then hears someone eating fruits outside the palace and he smells fruits. Son thinks I have to go and eat them. Son says mata can I go with mausi jaya and vijaya to pluck flowers? Parvati says yes.

There sindhura is sitting and the woman demon comes. She says my sources have told me that a boy has been born in Kailash and that is why all gods are happy. Sindhura says just for a boy? Demon says that boy is divya, he must be someone’s son and who knows he might even end your rule earlier than you think. Sindhura gets angry and picks demon by her neck and says you think I am weak? You are insulting me, I will kill you. demon says forgive me I am on your side only. Sindhura leaves her and says I will go and attack devlok now.

In devlok, there are 2 soldiers standing outside. They see some red fog coming up and say is it some maya coming? Suddenly sindhura comes up. The soldiers are scared. Sindhura holds their necks and presses them and throws them away. Soldiers fly and come crashing inside the palace. Indra dev and all gods get up. Indra dev is angry and says who dared to attack devlok? Who is that challenging devraj indra? Sindhura with his wand hits the clouds and the wave hits everyone. There is a crack inside the palace which creates a quake, the soldiers fall inside the crack. Indra dev is angry.

Precap: sindhura attacks indra dev who falls down from his throne. Sindhura says you gods think too much of yourselves. There son is with nandi and other gans in the forest.

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